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Prospect of China Outdoor Lighting is Considerable

As an important part of the smart city, in the promotion of the government, urban lighting will usher in a new round of development opportunities. Survey data shows that China outdoor lighting industry with the growth rate more than 40% every year, it is expected to reach 4 billion 700 million dollars in 2016. Current domestic LED outdoor lighting applications are growing and popularizing rapidly.

Under the new situation, construction of smart city, promotion of green lighting, realization of the sustainable development of the city, has become the responsibilities and objectives of government work, China outdoor lighting industry will get more development space, especially in the filed of road lighting and landscape lighting. At present, after years' exploration and development, LED outdoor lighting has a technology innovation breakthrough and progress in the application process, has completed the qualitative accumulation, prices decline, the market continued steady growth. The appeal and attention of outdoor lighting intelligent are more and more higher.

China outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting intelligent has become an inevitable trend.

Lighting is not only to meet the requirements of people's vision, but also to meet the art requirements, change the feeling of a space by adjusting the light. In the LED outdoor lighting, intelligent management system is growing rapidly, the development of intelligent lighting control technology make outdoor lighting achieve the energy-saving goals through the interaction between light - environment - people". LED outdoor lighting fixtures will no longer be a body without contact, but network and multimedia lighting. Many professionals with years of outdoor landscape lighting design and construction experience make it clear that outdoor intelligent lighting is the trend, and hope thatintelligent lighting is not only switch controlling or the realization of the scene, but also is a comprehensive definition of intelligent lighting, truly reflecting its practicality.

It is understood that the intelligent lighting of outdoor lighting can save more energy, create a comfortable sense of three-dimensional, hierarchical, and is conducive to people's physical and mental health.

In recent years, many international first-line lighting brand enterprises have begun to layout the feild of sensing, communications, multimedia and other intelligent control. According to the survey, 70%-80% of the designers in the outdoor lighting application process, they have the technology awareness, but not too much practical experience in the application of intelligent lighting. The industry has talked about the smart city, intelligent outdoor lighting for a long time, but for the real practical and reliable intelligent outdoor lighting products and control systems, there is still a long way to go.

Outdoor lighting needs to greatly enhance the user experience 

In recent years, a large number of lighting lighting project quickly emerged, is one of important markets that LED business competed. Large-scale projects can promote the rapid development of LED industry, and LED lights live up to expectations, in the municipal lighting, landscape engineering, street lights reconstruction, stadium lighting projects and other projects, Outdoor lighting display excellently its advantages of long life, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection. Forecast to 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.