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The Key Elements of Stadium Lights for Indoor Lighting Design

Why many people still choose to visit the scene when the TV, the network are also live a sporting event? Many people will certainly say that there are super sports stars, heavyweight teams, and some people will say that they like the kind of wonderful atmosphere and so on. The creation of hot atmosphere not only with the human factor, but the light factor also contributed, because the kind of stimulating, cheerful atmosphere that contrasted by the scene lighting deeply put the audience into it, we can see the importantance of stadium lights design in the construction of indoor stadium lighting.

First, the stadium lights design of sports center lighting must demonstrate the competitive spirit.

Where can most feel the competitive spirit? The answer is the sporting stadium! ZGSM lighting designer think that: in the stadium lights design, first of all, the sports venues should reflect the spirit of competition" then, how the sports venues to integrate the spirit to the lighting design? ZGSM designers pointed out that: the stadium lighting design needs to combine the characteristics of local humanities and arts, use the entire lighting design to create sports venues into a inspiring, inspiring and struggling atmosphere.

Second, the full coverage of stadium lighting features, do not ignore the indoor and outdoor linkage

Whether or not you had visited in the stadium, we must have known the Bird's Nest, Water Cube can also hold a variety of events at the same time, at present, all over the country's sports venues are a collection of sports events, track and field, ball, water projects and other events. But the lighting requirements are not the same. ZGSM lighting designers put forward a higher demand to meet the multi-functional sports venues, the venue should not only have the appropriate uniform illumination, the ideal light color, in addition to ensure that the audiences have a good viewing effect, but also must ensure that the lighting effects of the referee, athletes and television broadcast. In some large-scale sports venues, but also need to focus on the indoor and outdoor linkage, for example, a football game goals, the audience eyes are focused to a point, the audience outbreak of joy, this atmosphere will naturally pass to the outside, so that people in the outside can also feel the kind of exciting atmosphere through the lighting design.

Third, should be in accordance with the national sports architectural lighting design specifications in strict. 

Today, in the stadium lighting project, must be in strict accordance with the national sports architectural lighting design specifications, should control well in the illumination, uniformity, color rendering index and other aspects. In the selection of stadium light fixtures, ZGSM lighting designers believe that should not blindly pursuit of new lighting technology, should combine high-tech stadium lighting fixtures with the classic lighting products, in strict accordance with the design specifications, not only are energy efficient buteffectively reduce the cost. 

The ZGSM football stadium lights are a new generation of LED green energy-saving fixtures with high luminous and efficiency, low energy consumption, intelligent dimming, effective to prevent glare, relatively higher 25% than the average lighting. Can reduce the light outside the venue to a great extent, provide a more comfortable competitive and viewing environment for the athletes and the audience.