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Application Analysis of Flood Lights Fixtures in all Walks of Life

As the name implies, flood lights illuminate the object from all directions and can be applied to any environment, such as buildings, stadiums, squares, docks, green lighting, advertising, building location, stations, railways, tunnels, port lights etc. outdoor lighting. From the following points, ZGSM will introduce the product features of flood lights:

Material of light body. ZGSM flood lights body is a high-quality die-casting aluminum shell; high-quality silicone rubber seals, high temperature, anti-aging; 5mm tempered glass, high temperature, impact resistance. Fully guarantee the light body life, will not leakage of electricity because of aging, use safely.

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Electrical equipment selection. ZGSM select the best quality electrical equipment, integrated design, installation and maintenance convenience; Celectrical appliances are divided into three parts, ballasts, triggers, capacitors. Ballast: pure copper wire ballast, and some market businesses even use copper clad aluminum ballast, the role of ballast is to prevent the accidents caused by the rectification effect when the light source are in the end of the life. Trigger: three-wire trigger, with the function of automatic detection and delayed off, can effectively extend the life of light and electrical appliances, reduce maintenance costs and avoid the safety hazards when maintenance of electrical.

Light source. The choice of light source is also very important, ZGSM lighting is used Germany Osram light source, longer life, light fade is small.

Three core of flood lights: light source, electrical appliances, light body. Whether the lighting is good or not, can not just judge from the long time lighting, the light is also bright for a long time lighting, it will be a good light, we can not think that. Whether the light is good depending on whether the light fade is not big. So high-quality and cheap flood lights are the final choice, they with small light fade, stable performance, use safely, green and will not produce lead and mercury that pollute the environment, endangering the health. ZGSM focus on industrial lighting for many years, specializing in the high-quality LED flood lights for sale, is LED flood light manufacturer that trusted by customers.