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6 Elements in Choosing the Football Stadium Floodlights

In recent years, with the development of society, the concept of healthy sports has been deeply rooted in the people, people are more and more concerned about sports, and there are various sports, athletic competition and so on. Of course, all the sports are inseparable from the construction of the sports field, but the construction of the sports field lighting is the focus. Due to the particularity of the sports field, the light use requirements and design is very particular, LED football floodlights, LED stadium floodlights etc. sports floodlights arises at the historic moment.

There are 6 indispensable elements in choosing the LED football stadium floodlights. So, for outsiders, how to choose LED stadium floodlights or football floodlights? In fact, select the appropriate light source and good light fixtures is the key, six essential features are indispensable.

The following take the representative football floodlights in the industry as an example and take a analysis.

The layout of the lights: The layout of the football floodlights is the first element for the whole sports field lighting, and the scientific and reasonable lighting layout is the basic requirement of football floodlights.

Anti-glare: for all kinds of small and medium-sized sports field, the good level of illumination and vertical illumination is very important. ZGSM light fixtures adopt unique nano-coated reflectors and nano-high diffuse reflection technology, total reflection light, no direct light, indirect lighting adopted can convert high-intensity light into a light with soft surface, and turn the light into a reflection-type flat light source, completely eliminate glare;

Energy efficient: the use of high light efficiency lighting can not only greatly improve the quality of lighting, can directly save more than 40% of electricity costs and equipment investment, according to the type of sports field and the difference of height and space, ZGSM use xenon energy-saving light source or high-quality imported high-efficiency LED light source that promoted by the National Development and Reform Commission;

The luminous angle: because of the diversity of the sports field, there need to use lights with different light distribution, the football field is larger, most of the space is relatively low, ZGSM adjustable beam lighting fixtures can adjust beam, to meet a variety of lighting range demand;

Color rendering index: a high color rendering index has a great impact for athletes to watch the shape of football, stereo perception, running trajectory, athletes movement state and the atmosphere of the football field;

Low heat, low radiation: the majority of sports venues due to higher requirements, should use the light fixtures with low-radiation, low-heat light source. ZGSM football floodlight fixtures professionally design high thermal conductivity and aluminum heat dissipation, light beads cooling balance, low temperature rise.

ZGSM has always been adhering to the principle of the supremacy of users first, with excellent product quality, excellent service, stand and develop in a highly competitive market. Excellent lighting equipment is undoubtedly the construction of the football field in the top priority, good lighting system, green and energy-saving use experience, healthy and anti-glare light processing is the new needs of modern outdoor lighting. By virtue of professional technology, excellent quality, excellent staff, innovation and development, ZGSM stand out in the fierce competition market, become a leading brand in sports, government lighting industry.