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Maintenance of LED Street Light Poles

LED street light poles are used in the case of open air, and usually there are many problem that should pay attention to about maintenance of the outdoor street lights poles. Then what problem should pay attention to?

First, the lighting maintenance personnel should be qualified certificates, are professionals, maintenance personnel of LED street light poles should conduct a comprehensive and serious inspection for poles of LED street light fixtures, light source electrical appliances, cables and other equipment. If necessary, can install an electric shock protector to prevent electric shock. At the same time, having a routine maintenance for the following issues.

In the retracting process of wire rope, one the one hand, to check the appearance of wire rope, on the other hand, pay attention to whether the wire rope occur the phenomenon of overlapping, stranded, rust, broken stock and severe force and so on. Check whether the sliding parts are flexible and reliable.

Replace the damaged light source electrical appliances, cables, etc., and check all the fixed bolt whether it is loose, solid, safe and reliable, whether positioning pin and automatic hook is flexible and reliable, serious corrosion should be replaced.

AC contactors, thermal relays, limit switches, command controllers and other control electrical appliances in LED street lights should be carried out careful and meticulous inspection before the operation. the electrical components that be found of the problem should be replaced as soon as possible. Operating with fault is forbidden.

Protection device, lightning protection device of lighting facilities must have routine inspection before the rainy season, test the grounding resistance, if grounding resistance does not reach (should be less than 10ω), should be promptly processed.

Motors, gear boxes and other transmission institutions fixed at the bottom of the poles should be closed as far as possible to prevent damage to the insulation of the coil, to check whether the oil in the gearbox is adequate, whether the oil is black or with impurity. Movable motor drive mechanism should be placed in a dry place, can't use it until test the insulation resistance with a shaking table before running the application (not less than 1mω).

After the maintenance work is completed, the staff should have a comprehensive inspection on electrical parts, lift transmission mechanism of street lighting equipment once agsin, ensured it is correct, can increase the light directly linked to unloading and leave the scene.

The maintenance of street light poles is different from the maintenance of cars or air conditioners, because of its particularity, we should pay considerable attention. Hope that through this introduction we can help you. If you have any questions, please let me know!